A good collar

There are a lot of things you might be looking for in a collar. Something durable, something small. Something that won’t break when you yank on it. Collars are a very important thing in this lifestyle.

It shows that the submissive is owned and is on par with being married. There are many forms of collars. From a day collar, or necklace. To a play or slave collar

A day collar should be something that is elegant and unassuming. It should remind the one wearing it that they have someone they trust with their darkest desires. It should be versatile and last. (Sometimes a day collar is warn 24/7 unless the play collar is on. So it should reflect that.

Day Collar:

Locking Necklace Wild Flower Pendant Locking Ring Day Collar, BDSM Themed Submissive Collar

Then we get to the play collar:

Mflying Leather Cosplay Kitty Bondage Neck Collar with Leash (Black)

Or you have the Slave collar:

camaTech Locking Stainless Steel Slave Collars Lockable Neck Ring Roleplay Slave Costume

All of these collars shown are great additions to your submissive. I also love the play collar because it comes with an actual leash which can come in handy for walking your pet around.

Some people may just like going to the local pet store and getting their partner a collar. Honestly, you get what you pay for. If you want something that will last and take a beating you might just want to get the slave collar. Plus they look a bit better than the play collar.


Stay kinky.


-Master Locke

Under the bed Restraints

I have used all sorts of toys, restraints and other gear in my time playing with my submissive. Yet, nothing compares to under the bed restraints. Everyone should have some of these if you ask me. They are so versatile and can be used for just about anything take the clasps off the restraints and attach them to a collar, leash or even both at the same time.

The inside of the cuffs are comfortable and lined with a soft fur like material that is warm so you don’t have to worry about it being cold our getting cuff marks unless you are playing really hard.

Under Bed Restraints Kit,Premium Nylon Bondage Restraints with Soft Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Cuffs

My personal suggestion is to replace the straps with chain though because sometimes you have that one partner who moves around a lot when they are tied down and you are having your fun.

Koch 792826 Decorator Chain, Trade Size 10 by 50 Feet, Black Finish

Something like this would work you can even get them in gold in order to make your partner feel like royalty while you play with them.

With cuffs like these though they are so useful in so many different situations it isn’t even funny. Then again so are the chains if you use your imagination.

My submissive and I have a set of these with a chain and we love having them ready at a moments notice. Keep them under the bed and have them all together and they are ready in seconds to use.

Keep it kinky


-Master Locke