Building something new

My partner and I have been working on some things over the past week. We had an idea that if it works it would benefit our whole family. So she and I are taking steps to move forward with this.

Some of you may already have an idea of what we are planning but I will say our plans are much more than that. My partner, whom we will be referring to now as Mother Lilith from now on. (She came up with that and it blew my mind) She will be promoting herself and our plans while I help support her and manage things on the back end. for those of you that haven’t had a look

I would suggest checking her out here:

This, isn’t just the same old thing, we promise that. With her OC and my background, the sky is the limit for the things we can achieve. I have wanted to reach a bigger audience and I have found a way to do just that. It will take a bit after I have all my ducks in a row things will become more constant. I promise you that.

I realize I promised things before and didn’t follow through on them. I also realize that by me saying that all my other plans and things that have fallen through have come back to me. I feel bad, but this is different. I am different. I am not the same timid guy I use to be when it comes to my blog and some topics. I know I have left out a lot of BDSM content over the past few months.

That will be changing. I am doubling down on who I am. I for a long time didn’t understand who I was. I knew, that I knew things and had the knowledge but I questioned everything. Now, I don’t question it.

So you can choose to follow Mother Lilith and I, on our new journey and see what we do. Or you could choose just to continue following me here for the basic stuff.

I thank you all for following me and supporting me over the years. Especially those who have commented and made yourselves known to me. Thank you, you are the reason I made this blog and have decided to move forward with some specific things.

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