A true Dominant

(This post is my opinion and my own personal views. There are instances where things I will be talking about are okay if you are given consent by the submissive)

There seems to be a lot of people getting into the lifestyle that believe in misogyny, the patriarchy and that women are less than men are. Or that they are owed a woman’s submission for just saying that they are a Dominant or Master.

This isn’t the case. As stated above there are instances where these things can be consented upon but you first have to earn that consent. You can’t just start talking to a woman and expect them to drop to their knees and grovel at your feet.

A true Dominant is willing to put in the time to build trust and respect. They are willing to earn a woman’s submission and consent. You don’t just assume you deserve submission and to treat a woman like a plaything.

You have to realize that a woman is a person just like you and deserves to be treated as such. They are a person first then they are submissive. Treat them as such.

A true Dominant will help a submissive grow as a person and as a submissive. They are willing to put in the time to help them learn and become a better person. For instance, the will support their submissive in their career and school.

It is a Dominants job to help support a submissives dreams and goals. To help guide them and show them that they can be the best person that they can be.

Supporting your submissive is a very important aspect of the lifestyle. It is a way to earn their trust and respect. It also shows your submissive that you care about them in more than the BDSM lifestyle. Which, can help your relationship grow.

Don’t get me wrong there are instances where roleplay, CNC and other forms of the lifestyle where the submissive is used and abused so to speak but this is all consented upon beforehand. If there is no prior consent then you shouldn’t do it or have your submissive do it.

Having a willing submissive can be a lot more fun than having a submissive who is being forced to submit. Also if it is forced it is abuse which is not an aspect of BDSM. If you abuse your submissive without their consent you are not a Dom.

Build with your submissive, help them grow and reach their goals.

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